Clean, Repair & Seal

Founded in 1994, Scellant Super Seal has been in business for over 20 years as leaders of uni-stone and asphalt restoration and protection. Don’t trust just anyone with your investment, we have the experience and expertise it takes to properly care for your uni-stone surfaces.

We provide commercial and residential services.

Protecting your Investment

For over 20 years


Properly cleaning your paving stone or concrete surfaces is the most important step when it comes to maintenance. We use an ultra high pressure and HOT water combined with the most advanced products to provide the deepest cleaning possible. Capable of removing the toughest of stains such as: paint, rust, grease, etc.


Stone is a material that always keeps his original form, at times repairs are necessary to re-level or properly adjust the stones which is much more cost efficient. Our experts can easily repair any stone surface whether it be the uni-stone in front of your driveway or home as well as around the pool.


We offer sealing solutions for uni-stone surfaces and asphalt using only the industry’s highest quality sealant. Sealing your uni-stone or asphalt is very important for preservation and protection against harmful elements. Our sealant comes in various finishes such as gloss, satin and matte.

Asphalt Sealing

The best way to renew & preserve asphalt is to seal the surface. At Super Seal we use a unique high quality acrylic scellant & apply it using the latest in spray application technology. To ensure the best result, we hot power wash the surface & once dry we apply our sealer. (2 visits)

Exterior Home Cleaning

We use an advanced soft wash system that is safe for all materials yet strong enough to remove all possible dirt, grime and algea build up on the exterior of your house.

High Pressure Cleaning

We offer services of high pressure cleaning for decks, patios, etc. We have the right equipment to hot power wash almost anything.

We also offer commercial services for uni-stone and asphalt cleaning, repairing and sealing.

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Eco-friendly products

At Scellant Super Seal we are proud to help in the efforts of preserving our environment by offering our customers the highest quality sealers and protectors for uni-stone and asphalt that are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.


About us and our work!

Super Seal sealant is the best company for paving and restoration in Montreal. They do an amazing job! Highly Recommended!

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